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Yes, Why I did It…?

4 Jun

I was half-way doing my full intensive course for Class of May 2009 (Brunei Citizenship’s applicants) when a student fondly called Jan told me about someone writing about me in a blog. He couldn’t say whether the writer was a boy or a girl and the worst part was Jan has forgotten the blog address. Walla…!!!

A mentee turned mentor

A mentee turned mentor

It was only a couple of days later Jan could confirm to me the blog he was talking about. It was from my ever sweet student, Lin Ji – And this is what she wrote:

Appreciate. Seri Siap Siaga.

If there is something I have forgotten, it’s how I lucky I am. I have to thank Cikgu Mansor for this. I salute you Cikgu. I really do.

Lin Ji & Dixon

I know I was very angry when I find out that I have a red kad pintar when I should be given a yellow one. It’s rightfully mine but things just didn’t go the way I want them to. Who shall I blame this to? No one. Right now, I am glad that I was put into this situation, a situation where I have to work hard to get the yellow identity card. Because, right now – at this very moment, I know I am a REAL citizen. A citizen that knows Kebawah Duli’s name, a citizen that knows what the country requires, a citizen that knows the history of the country, a citizen that is ready to take up any challenge to make the country proud. I know I have the seed of patriotism in me but it was only recently that Cikgu was able to let that very seed grow.

From my point of view, the class I attended did not aim to just help us get through the Malay test. The Malay test is just for us to prove that we know Malay language. Trust me. What the class actually focused on was to teach us to be a better person. Sikap berhijrah adalah mustahak dan harus dipupuk oleh setiap rakyat jati negara kita supaya kita dapat bersama-sama membangunkan prestasi negara kita ke tahap yang lebih tinggi. Kita tidak akan hanya bergantung kepada usaha-usaha orang asing atau subsidi kerajaan. I can seriously tell you now that Cikgu Mansor is one of the loudest, nastiest, nicest, kindest, most loving teacher I have ever known. And it’s him that showed me the better side of things.

When I first entered the class, I barely knew their names. I only managed to find out the names of the people who sat next to me. I did not manage to talk to whoever that sat behind me. I did not know how to start a conversation. And surprisingly, today – the thought of being apart from them just hurts! We have become a huge family. We have nicknamed some – we have grown into this bond that I do not want it to break. Time really just flew by! The class has ended! =( We have many bosses around who attended this class as well, and a couple of students like myself. We clicked so nicely! We joked. We had fun. I do not think I could find another class in the world that is as great as the one i just had. Where can you find a class where bosses and students are made to clean the toilet? Students okaylah but bosses? seriously? They could easily just click their fingers and have their men to come wash the toilet for them. But see, this is the thing, they didn’t. We were united!

At SPA after the Exam
At SPA after the Exam

We helped each other so much in these two weeks. We looked at each other for the whole two weeks (apart from one sunday), from 9am (or earlier) to 10pm (or much later). We had lunch together. We had dinner together. We sang together. We prayed together and for each other.

Oh, I seriously will miss them. When I do get my yellow Identity Card, I know that I will not only feel proud but thankful. I will think of you. I will remember all these memories.

I was dumbfounded. I really don’t know what to say.

Thank you Jan for highlighting me to this. Thank you to you too Lin Ji for being appreciative.

And Jan was the one responsible to make me start blogging in wordpress – to become a serious writer.

Thank you both of you. That is why I did it…