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Smoking Mona Lisa

29 Mar

Rambo X – The Smoking Gun

21 Mar

That was the e-mail topic I received about ten minutes ago, from the JAN SHIM. I can’t deny the fact that I really love the pictures which he took of me enjoying my ‘HARAM’ likings (to whom it may concern: HARAM LANGSUT NINIMU….!!!!)

We went for Brunei River cruising yesterday, departing Yayasan jetty slightly over 4.45 pm, going towards Bangkurong bridge, passing the Istana Nurul Iman – capturing the unknown beauties of some portion of undisturbed mangrove swamps along the way, while waiting for the sun to sets in. We saw some monkeys, one in particular quite huge to be called monkey (from a distance about 200 meters, that monkey, seriously look like, 60kgs or so…..). We also spottted a shy crocodile, which dived immediately when Jan Shim’s camera was all ready to take the snap. Apparently, the crocodile is not ready to become famous yet.

The sunsets was a bit frustrating as we were at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was really different from shooting sunsets at the beach where we can have the horizon and capture the sun sets in. But then, the frustrations was never really felt as the group itself was very entertaining. There will always be a next time, for sure. Our next planned trip is to Pulau Keingaran and its surrounding, end of April or early May. Maybe taht time we will start as early as 12 noon, so that we can enjoy our pack lunch at Pulau Keingaran, an island which belongs to Sheikh Mahmud Al-Idrus family 🙂





P/S: More photos from the outing will be posted later……

Batrisya & Darwish – 2010 Calendar

19 Mar

41st. ITF Junior Circuit – Prize Presentation Ceremony

16 Mar

41st. ITF Junior Circuit – Girls Double Final

15 Mar

41st. ITF Junior Circuit – Boys Single Semis & Double Final

15 Mar

41st. ITF Junior Circuit – (Preparation & Management)

14 Mar