My Weekend In Labuan I

2 Feb

I spent my last weekend in Labuan to take some photos of my great grand dad’s grave at Kampung Jagus graveyard near Kampung Kerasik. He died in 1903 – a part of history which was erased by our historian bastard/s.

Sheikh Abdul Hamid Al-Idrus was an adviser to the late Sultan Hashim, the 25th. ruler of Brunei. Some says that my late grand father was a victim of political assassination done by the British back then. He was on his way to Singapore/Turkey to hand over an important ‘letter’ from Sultan Hashim. Rozan Yunus wrote about this in Brunei Times sometime ago. He just missed my great grand dad’s name.

(This part will be continued, hopefully in my next post as some facts are required to be updated)


During the trip, I also have the oppurtunity to visit the World War II Memorial and took some photos there. I was thankful to my student, Ah Kiat who introduced me to Ah Siong who offered to drive me around Labuan.

We owed our peaceful living now due to the bravery of those who fought for our freedom back in the World War II. The Memorial is a mixture of mixed nationalities and religions, Australians, British and Indians – Christians, Jews and Muslims. They fought together, for us. This is just my simple way of showing my appreciation to the brave soldiers. The brave ones who stood by the wall, so that we all can sleep soundly during that difficult time…




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