The Agony Of Waiting II (Is Finally Over…)

7 Dec



Yes, the agony of waiting, is finally over, at least for some of my students in Class of May 2009. Archit was the first one to text me to break his good news – sukacita ‘lulus’ letter from the Immigration Department. It was a big relief for me when Archit made it. My confidence soared…


The Class of May 2009 monitor, Mr. Vincent Goh of Interhouse, posing on my high chair - macam si tayie...


Then, one by one they started to text me, as usual, with a big thank you. As usual, I had to hold my tears…


Everyone in this photo made it... Well done...!!!


It was truly an honour to be able to help them ‘getting’ something that could change their life, if not drastically, at least to prepare a better foundation for their children. The agony of living as a permanent resident to some would be a thing of the past. I was in that same situation before. A situation that made me grew up as an angry young man. A fighter. Misunderstood. An outcast. An enemy of the State. What ever…


Philip Kheng (middle) a fish monger, also made it... Congratulations...!!! (I don't like the golf set. Can you change it for me? Hehehe...)


And I love to be misunderstood. I grew stronger every seconds. And my passion for helping those unfortunate PR’s getting their rightfully citizenship status- with the will of Allah, will never fade. It was a pleasure to help my country produce a better, responsible citizen. Citizens which would made Brunei proud. Citizens that knew the true meaning of Malay Islamic Monarchy ideology. Citizens that would take the bullet for our beloved Sultan.



My heartfelt congratulations to those who made it. Names listed below as appeared in Class of May 2009 registration book:



Susy Lim Sok Ngo

Meiji Chan Mui Keck

Sheren Wong Siew Lee



Emily Lim Siok Kuan

Lucy Wong Kie Nyuk



Slyvester Yong Foe Chin

Vivian Lim Jeng Wen

Jessica Ngau Mu Thing

Jodie Cheong Hui Eng

Jellen Lee Siew Khiun

Dave Lim Min Chong

Max Png Kheng Huat



Linus Tan Tarng Jaun



Christy Chow Yuk Moi



Tom Wong Lii Jian

Corrina Wong Nga Un

Simon Thien Shang Lin

Philip Kheng Kim Fatt

Vincent Goh Choon Siong

Jasmine Teo Saw Kim

Elsie Chow Yee

Jean Liew Vui Shan

Sharon Siew Ah Moi

Missi (Senior Sharon) being 57 years old, she has broken 'the class AGE history" to get thru the Ujian. Well done Missi... :)

Melody Mah Chui Sien

Eve Wong Yik Houng

ShimWorld Shim Jan Khiong

Sky Sim Hau Yeong

Marco Lee Moh Sheng

Mandy Chong Jia Yee

Audrey Mah Hui Hui

Archit Jefferson Argas Enau

May Tiam Yap Chen

Darling Lim Ai Ching

Ramli Abdullah




Latest result:


Derek Wong Wai Kiong

Shah DH Yahya

Adrian Ang Beng Kiat


Benedict Tan

Joseph Lee Hui Sang




So far, TEN were very unfortunate not able to make it this time. My apology, their names will not be listed here…




p/s: Kudos to Jan Shim. All photos posted here were his. Mine, all gone (kena lagi…)

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10 Responses to “The Agony Of Waiting II (Is Finally Over…)”

  1. Simon 07/12/2009 at 9:06 am #

    morning cikgu, sorry forgot to text u last week. Like others, i wish to say a big thank you to u for helping all of us. Your motivation definitely will make us become rakyat yang bertanggung jawab. cheers..

    • Choy 07/12/2009 at 9:13 am #

      Walang problema dude… Well done Simon. U deserve it… 🙂

      • Jimmy 10/12/2009 at 1:30 am #

        Salam Cegu,

        Lama sudah inda borak borak….apa khabar cegu? Wow, nampak nya bahagia semua murid2x cegu tu, syabas semua n tahniah cegu. Gaya cam James Dean cegu hembun asap tu! hahaha…kenangan zaman muda lah tu, cegu. Good to see this blog is still proactive. Cegu how long u patiently (sabar betui ke tu?) waited to be activated as Bruneian? saw one of ur stduent mentioned he waited for 19 years…datz not bad huh, really an achievement. Mebbe one day we cud hv a fag or two together huh, cegu…minum kopi O blak blak no susu…hahaha

  2. Jan Shim 07/12/2009 at 1:32 pm #

    I never thought in a million years I would be admitted to this exclusive club. Having failed the exam twice, last one being 10 years ago, this phenomenal success has restored my faith in the system — a system I once dismissed as a vehicle designed to fail candidates. The truth is that we are the ones who failed to seek early preparation for such monumental exam. I stand corrected.

    Thank you very much Cikgu for your generosity, wisdom and guidance without which I may not have been so fortunate. You had confidence in me when I had lost confidence in myself and you had been the beacon that guided me in my darkest hours and brought took me (and the rest of the class) to the light. I could not have come this far without the support of my wife and parents who supported me all the way and friends whose prayers have been answered in more ways than one!

    Thanks also goes to my classmates who stuck by each other and provided encouragement and support through thick and thin even right up to the eleventh hour, a bond so strong not even Facebook can claim any credit in this regard. In particularly, Vincent Goh aka Canon who was the first familiar name that got me motivated to start early. From my day one, Vincent was and remained my table buddy for the entire duration of the class.

    Kudos to Jan Shim. All photos posted here were his. Mine, all gone (kena lagi…)

    Haha I like how you used “were” to mean they USED TO belong to me but now belong to you as a matter of factly! 😛

  3. Christy 09/12/2009 at 1:40 am #

    Hello Cikgu,

    I made it too !!!!! I just wanna express my heartfelt thank you to you for all that you have done in guiding us to achieve the status of Bruneian. Now, I can tell others that I am a Bruneian with my head held high! Ribuan Terima Kasih Cikgu Mansor !!!

    I am still offshore and got the news via my mom on the phone. I asked her to read it aloud to me twice! And I kept on calling her throughout the day to make sure she did not read it wrongly, ahahahahaa..

    18 days on the rig and I am counting. I guess I have another 12 days to go here. I so wish to celebrate this with my family and fiance and also friends from Class of May ’09. I was so overwhelmed with happiness after receiving the news but unfortunately I can’t scream in joy becos I need to contain myself at the rig!! ARGGGHHHHHHH

    Here I wanna wish Class of December ’09 all the best for the forthcoming exam and may Cikgu achieve 100% passes in this batch!!

  4. Sheren 09/12/2009 at 6:52 pm #

    Syabas to those who made it, and those who didn’t, please DON’T give up and please give yourself another chance again.

    I waited this happy moment for 19 years already. When I held the letter in my hand at the post office Seria, I read and read again, just to make sure it is “Sukacita” and ” LULUS” written in the letter. I started weeping and shouted “Praise the Lord” and “Thank God”.. I made it..! My family are so happy for me cos I m the 1st family member who passed the citizenship exam. We will have big feast soon…!!!

    Cikgu, Thank you so much for your effort and full support for guiding us to the citizenship exam.. If I didnt attend the class, I would not be able to learn so much thing, more importantly, BE A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN, which you keep on reminding us during the class. And I miss the class too, the hard work and teamwork..together.

    Thank you again and keep in touch


  5. Jellen 09/12/2009 at 9:04 pm #

    I just want to say a big thankyou…for helping us to cross this bridge..

  6. Jessica 11/12/2009 at 12:49 pm #

    Hi Cikgu… Thank you so much for your effort and support for guiding us to become a good Brunei citizen. Well done to all who have make it. “Syabas”. Hopefully we can meet-up for our next gathering. Take care..

  7. Countee 10/01/2010 at 8:34 pm #

    good post man thank you



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