Yesterday ‘No’ More – The Fire

11 Jul

This fire was reported today in Brunei Times, Borneo Bulettin, Media Permata & maybe in Miri Daily too. It happened to the workers living quarters which also accomodate a canteen. I was there until 10.30 pm last night, unfortunately without my camera.

I came back to the site this morning, equipped this time, with my Nikon D90, for the sole purpose of taking some photos. Here it is…

I was there last night and early this morning because of this two men, Kon Chuan, Edmund Ng and Yan (not in photo). Kon Chuan was my student in Class of June 2008 and Yan, his sister from Class of May 2009, while Edmund is yet to sit for the Ujian Bahasa Melayu soon. According to Kon Chuan, they were thankful that the fire started early, around 8.15 pm when everybody were still wide awake. Everybody survived the fire, all 30 tenants even though some lost their important documents as the fire was spreading very fast. Their mother’s 25 years old canteen is now gone in smoke.



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