HM’s Birthday Preparation

8 Jul

It is only a week now from our BIG day. Unfortunately, this year, due to A H1N1, some celebration events has been postponed.

Apparently, our beloved Ruler is more concern with the well being of its subjects…

Menjunjung kasih Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik…

I went around  BSB last week for three days to shot ‘remembrance’ photo/s of workers erecting arches which we only normally start to appreciate when it is all light up. We tend to forget ‘those’ people who are responsible to make the celebration beautiful…

It was raining when I took this picture/s, but, they continued with their job…

Two days later, when it was bright and shiny, I went to the centre of BSB where the Secretariat Building was situated. This place is really nostalgic for me and maybe to some of my family members too. This is the place where I first started my roller skating  lesson during weekends. We, (my sis Nuridah & Arfeah and brother Nordin) cycled there a lot too. We lived merely 100 meters from this building, inside where the Royal Regalia is now situated. We were moved out to give way to the building of Churchill Memorial.

AND I knew, our beloved HM would always remember this building too. It was here, on 8th. December, 1962 Al-Marhum Paduka Seri Begawan (PSB) the  28th. sultan then, hides himself from the so called rebels. PSB was never in the istana when the ‘two’ representatives of PRB (al-marhum Pengiran Metussin & Pehin Hafitz Laksamana) went there in the morning of the rebellion (read revolution).

Sadly enough, we have forgotten two important people who were responsible to ‘lock‘ PSB with his ‘sons’ back then. He is Haji Bachee bin Othman and Dyg. Hajah Zaiton binti Haji Johan.

Haji Bachee was the one responsible to locking and unlocking the government building offices doors back then. On 8th. December, 1962 he was deeply shocked to see PSB hiding in the Secteriat Building, of-course with the company of  his sons and if I remember correctly, al-marhum Dato Marsal bin Maun.

Since the ‘rebels’ were looking for PSB, Haji Bachee was asked to keep it a secret. A secret that he only reveals to me about two years ago, after I married his lovely daughter.

With the will of Allah, my simple conclusion, PSB was ‘saved’ by this two person. And today, my father in-law is living a simple life as a pensioner. He was proud to be able to serve loyally to our Sultan/s…

The time showed 3.35 pm that day. And this the main street of Bandar Seri Begawan… Kuala Belait  a ghost town? How about this?


2 Responses to “HM’s Birthday Preparation”

  1. PG.MAY FAZURA 08/07/2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Dear Mansor
    congrats on your blog.steady ah! Happy for you and keep it up.Me biasa lah busy with the school and most of the time partime with special olympics with special children.Masih bujang for the past 7 years.But very good friend with my ex.He helps me a lot with the family.Take care.

    • Cikgu Mansor 08/07/2009 at 11:49 pm #

      Hi Fazura, my dear cuzen… 🙂 Thnx 4 d visit…

      Ingat, Kg. Padang Lama, tempat kitani dilahirkan, dibesarkan & tempat bermain? Ada pokok buah kemangsi belakang rumah al-marhum Papih & al-marhumah Unchoh & berabut mengambil dgn kak Ani bila ada bunyi buahnya melabuk gugur… Hehehe…

      You take good care sis… All the best to you & your family. Salam takzim to ur dad. See you around… Keep in touch. Adios

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