SSS Class of November 2009

5 Jul

The Class of November 2009 has started officially, with six students, last Thursday, 7.30 pm, 2nd. July, 2009. Among the six, three are from my earlier ‘early bird’ students, namely; Shark (Yu), Wilson Ang & Lucy.

The other three are all ladies, aged between 54 – 57. Gosh…!!!

I am having three LADY ‘bruce lees’ now.  I just hope that all three would be of the same circle with my Misi Sharon, from Class of May 2009, whom I predicted will pass the Ujian Bahasa Melayu they have just had. One relieving fact is their willingness to study this early. This would be a bit of a challenge for me to help those three, to be ever ready for their turn to take the Ujian.

Similarly, like Bruce Lee,  I asked them why didn’t they apply for the ORAL test instead. The answer, shockingly, was the same as Bruce Lee’s: take this exam first (and fail) before they can be considered to sit for the Oral test. (ORAL test? Oral test FOR whom or TO whom? Ahaks…!!!)

KONONNYA, according to the rule, the applicant must be over 60 before they can be considered to be given the chance to sit for the Oral test (I will start using the Malay term UJIAN LISAN from now on in order to avoid misconception/s).

As I stated earlier on my previous post: The Man I Called Bruce Lee, I am wondering what age was Pehin Lau’s son when he took the Ujian Lisan, last year? This is not simply hear-say. I have prove to what I am saying… Ummphhh…

Btw, what the hell. Brunei bapa kamu punya. Do whatever you like.


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