SSS On-Line Tuition

26 Jun

I have created a new blog for SSS on-line tuition (please refer to my blogroll, ON_LINE TUITION). This is created specially for those PR’s residing outside Brunei who have plans to return to Brunei in the future, to this country, Abode of Peace, where they truly belong. This is not a profit making blog. Everybody is welcome. When I say everybody, it is truly for everybody.

My past and present (maybe future) students are always welcome to use this blog as means of communication/s between us, hoping that what they studied ‘earlier’ can be remembered forever.

To my future ‘distant learning’ on-line student/s – the system is made simple. Just click ON-LINE TUITION on ‘my’ blogroll, and goto the relevant section/s which interest you. I have posted some study materials in almost each of every section listed, namely: contoh soalan lepas (PASS PAPER); melayu islam beraja (MALAY ISLAMIC MONARCHY); kabinet (CABINET); peribahasa (PROVERBS); karangan (COMPOSITION), pemahaman (COMPREHENSION); and so on. I will add more sections in the near future. You can ask the question through the ‘comment’ column.

BUT, as a friendly reminder, do not politicize this blog. I can be very vocal at times. And, stupid questions will get stupid answers from me 🙂

I am looking foward to Wasabi (in Canada?), my on-line buddy during our stints in many years ago. I would love to meet Joanna, FlyGuy, TryBru, X-Men, Siang Malam and Raven too. Majapahit has now become my nephew, through his marriage to my 1st. cousin’s daughter. I really missed ‘our’ sometimes ‘heated’ moments together. I also sincerely hope that Mr. Loh Mann Hoi (now in Perth, Australia), who used to be my section head in BSP’s SSU Procument Department, to be able to start his tuition here. I have sent him my ‘book’, but learning by simply reading through a book will always be not that easy.

I have been ‘assigned’ to help those unfortunate PR’s. This will be my 2 cents worth contribution to the country I love, Brunei Darussalam. I sincerey hope that more and more Bruneian PR’s will get their citizenship in the near future. We need YOU with the expertise you gain out there, to help us further developed our nation.

May Allah, God the Almighty give us the blessing. Let us move foward as ONE.


Sheikh Mansor aka JenGgo


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