Important Announcement

15 Jun


My WordPress has been hacked. So is my DST BroadBand. I will not be online as often as I want like previously. Now I am at Nasi Kandar Bunut with Yap, trying to fix the problem. I lost all my documents for a reason unknown even to Yap, our IT supervisor. Today he was able to ‘retrieved’ some of my ‘photos’. I have not check my documents files throughly yet. So, I hope everything is still there.

Brunei doesn’ have swine flu yet, eventhough there are a lot of ‘babi’ around…



True enough, all my writings is now gone except for my SSS class work. But all copy of letters, hundreds of them, which I help to draft for the Brunei Citizenship applicants is also erased from my word files. Whoever is doing that, I suggest you be man enough (and not a bastard), to see me face to face.

amnesty international


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