He has spoken…

3 Jun

Why I did it…?

sheikh mahmud & 3 sons

I have been blogging since yr 2000. Starting with the bruclass.forum. JenGgo was my name. A name which a lot of people love to hate. I almost become the State No. 1 enemy (or at-least to some people, a thorn in the flesh) . I knew then that I was a step away from the  State’s notorius detention centre(s) where my late father, Sheikh Mohammad bin Sheikh Mahmud, the brother of  PRB’s Sheikh Azahari, was a guest until his death in 1988. The hottest topic in that forum was Basa-Basi Malaysia and we talk a lot about the insights of Brunei’s 1962 Rebellion. I was barely three when the rebellion broke out. But then, I was made to pay a heavy price being closely related to Azahari. So, this is my story. A story needs to be told to answer Mr. John W. McIntyre’s (U. S Embassy Deputy Chief Of Mission) question – why am I helping the Chinese…

Yes, WHY???


2 Responses to “He has spoken…”

  1. Adrian 03/06/2009 at 1:52 pm #

    hihi cikgu.. im adrian ~ =) i miss the class so much. Just receive your msg so i come visit cikgu blog.. Wish cikgu all the best and healthy always. =D

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